The Chinese Experience in 19th Century America

19th Century American Ideas About Other Peoples

Chinese Exclusion: The Process

Exclusion: Chinese Perspectives




Students can use Census Data to detect the phenomenon of Paper Sons and Daughters. Questions are included on the handout to help students analyze the data and apply it to issues that are discussed in this unit.

Students can compare the experiences of recent immigrants with those of the Chinese. Someone who immigrated to the United States could be invited to visit the class or students could interview a friend or family member who is an immigrant.

Possible questions students might ask are:
  1. What was involved in immigrating to the United States?

  2. What is the person’s immigration status now?

  3. If they are a naturalized citizen, what was involved in becoming a citizen?

  4. Does the person miss their native country?

  5. Did they leave behind family and friends?

  6. What do they miss most?

  7. What has been the hardest thing about adjusting to life in the United States?

  8. Have they returned to their original country for visits and vacations?

  9. Do they plan on living in the United States permanently?

  10. What do they like about living in the United States?


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