The Chinese Experience in 19th Century America

19th Century American Ideas About Other Peoples

Chinese Exclusion: The Process

Exclusion: Chinese Perspectives



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Lesson 1: 19th Century American Ideas

Vocabulary resource_1_1
Some 19th Century Attitudes resource_1_2
“Types & Development of Man” resource_1_3
Chinese in the Popular Press  
Questions resource_1_4a
New York Opium Dens resource_1_4b
Chinese in San Francisco resource_1_4c
New York Gambling House resource_1_4d
Pig Tail Has Got to Go resource_1_4e
What Shall We Do With Our Boys? resource_1_4f
Heathen Chinee resource_1_5
How the Other Half Lives resource_1_6
Yellow Peril Illustrations resource_1_7
Solutions to the “Chinese Question” resource_1_8
Teacher Background resource_1_9


Lesson 2: Chinese Exclusion: The Process

Vocabulary resource_2_1
Milestones in U.S. Immigration Policy resource_2_2
Legislation Affecting Chinese Immigrant Rights resource_2_3
Anti-Chinese Legislation (California) resource_2_4
Yick Wo v. Hopkins resource_2_5
White Labor League Notice resource_2_6
Forming a National Consensus resource 2_7
The Chinese Exclusion Act resource 2_8
U.S. Census Data: Total Chinese Population resource 2_9
Teacher Background resource_2_10


Lesson 3: Exclusion: Chinese Perspectives

Vocabulary resource_3_1
Biography of a Chinaman resource_3_2
Rock Springs Riot resource_3_3
Paper Sons resource_3_4
Poems from Angel Island resource_3_5
Songs from Gold Mountain resource_3_6
U.S. Census Data: Gender Imbalance resource_3_7
Teacher Background resource_3_8


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