Early American Trade with China
Trade Routes & Trading Strategies

Economics of the China Trade

Contrasting Views of Trade

Life on a Merchant Ship


Trade With China - Curriculum Standards

CONNECTION TO THE CURRICULUM: Economic development in the United States after independence.

Lesson Activities Format NCSS Standards*
1.Trade Routes and
Trading Strategies
1. Exploring Mercantilism
2. Early Trade Routes to China
3. Developing a Trading Strategy
4. Write an essay about the
developing U.S. economy
1. Class Discussion
2. Groups of Three
3. Partners
4. Individual Work
2. III, IX
3. II, VII, X
4. II, VI, VII
2.Economics of the
China Trade
1. Profits and Commodities of the
China Trade
2. Supply and Demand
3. Putting the China Trade in Context
4. Getting Rich in the China Trade
1. Class Discussion
2. & 3. Individual,
Groups, or Class
4. Individual
1. I, III, VII
2. VII, IX
3. II, VII, IX
4. VII, IX, X
3.Contrasting Views
of Trade
1. American Ideas About Trade
2. European Economic Traditions
3. Emperor Qianlong’s Response
1. Class Discussion
2. Group Work
3. Partners
1. I,V,VII
2. I, II, V, VII
3. I, V, VII, IX
4.Life on a Merchant
1. Imagining Life on a Clipper Ship
2. Contemporary Accounts of Life
on a Clipper Ship
1. Class Discussion
2. Individual or
2. II, V, VIII

*The Roman numerals correspond to the ten thematic strands defined in Curriculum Standards for Social Studies, Bulletin 89, National Council for the Social Studies, 1994.

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