Early American Trade with China
Trade Routes & Trading Strategies

Economics of the China Trade

Contrasting Views of Trade

Life on a Merchant Ship


Resources for Teachers
and Students (Lessons 1 -3)

Internet Sources


This is the website for the Peabody Essex Museum, which has extensive collections of maritime art and history. Many pieces for their collection can be viewed on this site. Relevant to this unit is the on-line Asian Export Art exhibit which includes examples of decorative pieces which were brought back from China for wealthy Americans and Europeans.

The Museum also hasin its Marine Paintings and Drawings collection pictures of ships of the trade and pictures of Canton and American merchants buying tea. It also has an on-line tour of a Qing dynasty Chinese merchants’ house.


A good starting point for all kinds of information about Chinese and Asian culture, this site maintained by the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco has links to a large number of resources which may be of interest.


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