The Chinese Experience in 19th Century America
19th Century American Ideas About Other Peoples

Chinese Exclusion: The Process

Exclusion: Chinese Perspectives



Suggestions for Using Material in the Unit

The lesson plans in this unit were primarily designed for use in a United States history course. However, we have tried to create activities and materials which can be used independently of one another and in various combinations so as to be of use in other social studies subjects. The following table suggests clusters of activities that might be used across the curriculum.

The resources for each lesson are in Adobe PDF format. There is a link on the Resources page that will take you to the Adobe web site where you can download the free Adobe reader.

Lesson 3: Lee Chew's Biography of a Chinaman
Lesson 1: Exploring Mercantilism
Lesson 2: Local and State Anti-Chinese Legislation
White Labor League Boycott
Civics/American Government
Lesson 2: Teacher Background (examples of discriminatory laws)
Local and State Anti-Chinese Legislation
Using the 14th Amendment to Challenge Discrimination
Forming a National Consensus
Understanding the Chinese Exclusion Act
Lesson 3: Anti-Chinese Violence
Multicultural Ethnic Studies
Lesson 1: All activities
Lesson 3: White Labor League Boycott
Forming a National Consensus
Lesson 3: All activities
American Studies (Art, Literature)
Lessons 1: Depiction of the Chinese in the Popular Press
Popular Literature: Bret Harte and Jacob Riis
Lessons 3: Voices of the Chinese: Songs, Poetry, Fiction
Lesson 2: Using Population Data
Lesson 3: Using Population Data

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