The Chinese Experience in 19th Century America

19th Century American Ideas About Other Peoples

Chinese Exclusion: The Process

Exclusion: Chinese Perspectives



Depiction of the Chinese in the Popular Press

Assumptions about racial and cultural differences are expressed in visual form as well as in the written word. This activity gives students an opportunity to analyze the stereotypes presented in illustrations in the popular press of the 19th century (Chinese in the Popular Press).

With students in groups of five, pass out one copy of each of the five cartoons/illustrations to every group. Have each student chose one of the illustrations to analyze. Using jigsaw or a similar cooperative learning method, have students reconfigure into groups looking at the same illustration. Have the students use Part I of the questions to help them examine and interpret the illustration.

Having answered the first set of questions, students should reconvene in their original groups and share their illustrations and explanations with other group members. Looking at all five of the illustrations, groups can answer the questions in Part II.

Uncle Sam Introduces Eastern Barbarism to Western Civilization


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